Escaping the Two Loops of Death

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How that familiar story of pain, struggle and exhaustion for millions, is becoming a thing of the past because of the training which is now the latest trend on the internet.

If any of the following sounds familiar to you and you want to escape the first ‘Loop of death’ then you simply cannot afford to miss the training that’s right in front of you right now’.

What is the first loop of death anyway?

It’s this:

  1. Burning the ‘candle’ at both ends – Up and out the door early to try and get a head start on the work that couldn’t get finished on the previous work day? or attempting to avoid getting…
  2. Stuck in traffic – Spending too much of life being stuck on the road, either on the way to work or on the way home? Or maybe the traffic on the way home is missed, because…
  3. Worked late (again). Is there too much to get done in the day? A busy business is good but a…
  4. Poorly managed company is never good for its staff or its customers and clients. Mismanagement can cause low morale in the workplace thus…
  5. A lack of enthusiasm from work colleagues. When colleagues aren’t as passionate or as enthusiastic than those that are – all great efforts can easily be undone by their negative attitude. This negative attitude is picked up by the company’s customers and clients. After all…
  6. Nobody’s getting a lunch break. There’s far too much to get done, taking a lunch break would delay going home on time but at least the traffic is missed eh? ultimately…
  7. There’s no time for yourselves. When home, you’re emotionally and physically drained. Dinner is scoffed and not enjoyed because it was probably microwaved, it’s always better when it’s freshly cooked, perhaps a bit of television to numb the mind a bit and then bed – Because you’ve got an early start remember? 

So –

With nobody in the office having:

Time to check in with their families and see how they’re progressing in life.

Time to read articles on topics you’re interested in.

Time to read that book that’ll help you take your life to the next level.

Time to get to the gym and see that health is sustained.

Time to ORGANISE a round a golf let alone play one.

No wonder everybody is miserable as sin in the office. Then it’s all the way back to #1 to do it all again.

This, my friend is the first ‘Loop of Death’.

Why is it called the first loop of death?

Well, there’s two related loops and this is the first.

And life is to be enjoyed. What has been listed above is NOT life. If we are spending the majority of our lives at work then we should be making darn sure that we ENJOY what it is we are doing. So what is the opposite of life? Yup, you got it in one. This is why it’s called the first loop of death. The other will be described shortly.

When Anthony Robbins says

“If you’re not growing then you’re dying”

He is absolutely, 100%, bang on the money.

What does this mean?

As grim as the following sentence is – it is still true.

Each moment in time that passes, we are closer to our death.

Therefore what we do between the time of birth and the time of death is key. If we just ‘plod’ along and get on with the daily routine of the aforementioned first ‘loop of death’ then we are just, as the sentence suggests, closer to our death and are effectively ‘dying’.

But we can change that. We can CHOOSE to ‘invest’ more of our time into ‘GROWING’. Growing mindset, knowledge, comfort zone and in net worth.

At first it will be a task in itself finding the time to do this (because of the loop)- but it’ll pay off when you do. What you invest initially you’ll get back (ten fold). But if you do not, we’ll be stuck in the same old loop until, well, we die (unfortunately). And just before we do, we’ll have regrets about the things we should have done but instead decided not to and the opportunities we should have taken but also decided not to.

I know it works, how? Because I did it.

I escaped both loops of death. With the very training I’m putting in front of you right now, I was able to ‘click start my business’ and I’m helping people like you do the same.

You’re probably thinking why do I care whether your life is stuck in this loop or not.

And the truth is because I was stuck, I thought I was down and out. I thought this ‘loop’ was all there is. I had no degree therefore I thought I was to be stuck in a job forever with the pay that I was on. So I started looking for other ways to make a living and I knew the internet had the power for me to do that. I just needed the right knowledge. And thankfully I found it and I’m presenting it to you.

I also know that my business’ success is determined by the amount of value I’m providing to society. Another favourite quote is that of Guy Kawasaki, Apple’s marketing genius back in 1984. He says:

“Great companies start because they want to change the world – NOT make a quick buck”.

And I live and operate my business by this. I absolutely despise the old marketing tactics of hard selling using NLP techniques and sleight of hand.

So with the training I’m presenting to you, I learnt how to market ethically on the internet. With this knowledge I successfully created 2 digital businesses. One of which you see now – whereby I help people like you ‘click start’ their internet businesses and my other business a digital marketing agency called that you can check out by clicking if you would like to nose around. But the magical thing is – both of these business were built from the knowledge passed down by our mentors Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek (who we’ll introduce properly a bit later on in this article).

By now you’re wondering what the hell is the second ‘loop of death’ is and all shall  be revealed.

The second ‘loop of death’ is actually the reason why most people are stuck in the first ‘loop of death’. There is no escaping this one it’s more of a case of ‘break the link in the chain’.

Here’s what I mean:

  1. You’re born and brought up like girls and boys are ‘usually’ brought up. (This is something I will go into more detail in another article).
  2. Your parents are too busy and are emotionally drained from their work to spend the time you need from them.
  3. Your parents are working so hard because they want for you to have the best education so you can have a good job when you’re older.
  4. You go to school, get good grades because you understand how useful your education will be in getting a ‘good’ job.
  5. During this time your parents are still working extremely hard to pay for your education.
  6. You go to college/university to study what you think will be a good career choice because it pays well (and or is helping people/adding value to society).
  7. Your parents are still working as hard as they can so they can keep up with tuition fees. Or there is a student loan issued.
  8. You also get a part-time job to help pay for tuition and living costs.
  9. 3 or 5 or 7 years have passed and you graduate with a degree. Your parents are proud of your and themselves and can now start to relax a bit as you can start paying the student loan back yourself when you find yourself a ‘good’ job with your newly issued degree.
  10. You struggle to find a suitable job with the degree you have – you’re working a part-time position as a waiter or waitress earning a very low wage. You’re desperate to find a position suited for your degree
  11. 2 years have passed and you still haven’t found a job that suits your degree – the job market is super competitive.
  12. You finally find a job that is inline with your degree but you start at entry level salary and you’ve still a lot of student debt and living costs are quite high.
  13. Your parents are still working hard because they’ll lose their job if they do not. After all they both set such a high bench mark for themselves when they were saving for your tuition.
  14. You find yourself a girl or boyfriend and start a long term relationship.
  15. You’re both working very hard and don’t much time for each other but when you do – you’re both emotionally and physically drained so not much enjoyment is had.
  16. You both decided to get married.
  17. Meanwhile, your parents are still working to build their pension.
  18. You both decide to have a child or two or three.
  19. Two years later, you have your first child.
  20. Mum or dad stays at home, mum or dad needs to take care of finances therefore works harder and longer.
  21. We’ve now entered the first ‘loop of death’.
  22. You teach your child that education is important for them to get a ‘good’ job when they’re older.
  23. The loop starts again with the next generation.

As you can see this ‘loop’ has been going on for years and years in society and will continue unless a child or parent will stop and think to ‘break the link’ and find an alternative route for making a living.

And with the internet there is.

You can start a profitable internet business with the tools you already have. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

The following training will allow for you to step out of these loops and live a life whereby:

  1. There’s no need for you to get up early to miss traffic or catch up on unfinished work
  2. There’s no need for you to be stuck in traffic
  3. There’s no need for you to work in a poorly managed company
  4. There’s no need for you to work with less enthused colleagues (in fact you choose who to work with)!
  5. There’s no need to miss lunch or dinner, you can enjoy it with your loved ones
  6. There is time for yourself, you are full of energy and drive to succeed. You’re able to read those article and books to take your life to the next level.
  7. There is time to check in with the family and guide them on their progress in life
  8. There is time to get to the gym and see that your health is being taken care of
  9. There is time to get that round of golf or tennis or whatever it is you’re in to.

The training you’ll receive is clear and concise. In it, you’ll meet our mentors Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. These guys know what they’re talking about and are changing the world by educating people like you and me on how to pull away from a very broken system that society has unfortunately been stuck in, they then go on to explain how we can succeed online with a profitable business.

So if you haven’t already, go ahead click here and get £350 of Online Business Start Up Training Absolutely FREE.

The Two Loops of Death

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