Mission Statement

As CEO and Founder of, there is of course a vision for the future in mind. This vision or ‘Mission Statement’ was developed from Apple Incorporated’s marketing genius Guy Kawasaki.

Guy said:

“Great companies start because the founders want to change the world – Not make a quick buck”

This stands true when you look at all the most successful companies of the world – Not just the HUGE corporations that are household names, but even the SME’s (small to medium enterprises). Those companies that want to make a difference in the world and provide value to everybody’s lives are the ones that prosper.

And making a difference and providing the said value is exactly what clickstartyourbusiness is doing and will continue to do.

There is an end goal in mind which is broken into separate smaller goals/values which benefits society.

These are:

  • To provide training to those who wish to become entrepreneurs and take control of their destinies
  • To provide employment to those who are finding it difficult to secure it
  • To provide food, water, shelter, sanitation, clothing and/or psychiatric help for disadvantaged people

Each of these will be explained in greater detail.

To provide training to those who wish to become entrepreneurs and take control of their destinies

There are far too many stories being told of people not enjoying their lives. Mainly because of having to work a job they despise or they like it but aren’t completely fulfilled by it. This is clearly a waste of life.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. I’m sure you agree.

If we are spending the majority of the time in our lives at work, we should make darn sure that we enjoy it. But not just enjoy it, but to find it fulfilling too. These kind of jobs are hard to come by so the best solution is to actually start up your own business.

Without the clarity of what to do it’s difficult to get going, but with the right information, you can find yourself enjoying more of your life because you are doing what you do because you CHOOSE to do it, not because a paycheck dictates you to.

Why do this?

Understanding the pain (especially on a Sunday evening) of knowing that there is nothing but mountains of neverending paperwork, being behind on scheduled work not to mention that there are people in the workplace that make working there so unpleasant, prompted urgent action to get out of it for me and anybody else I could help do the same.

You can learn about my personal story by clicking here, but this page is about the Mission Statement. People are trapped in a broken system and are (for want of a better description) enslaved. There is a way to a life of freedom, and clickstartyourbusiness can show you it, but it is ultimately up to YOU to take the necessary ACTION to break free from the chains of  that system.

To provide employment to those who are finding it difficult to secure it

The 2008 recession kicked a lot of us where it hurts. The fact that an income can stop at any given moment is enough to give people clinical depression/anxiety (which it did). The ‘traditional’ economy was always destined for a crash as that is what happens with all ‘FIAT’ currency – it becomes worthless. Rather than explain here, there is a plethora of information about the finance system and ‘theories’ behind them on the internet but long story short, placing all your income eggs in an unstable economic job basket is a bad idea. This is what most of us realised in 2008 and onwards.

Luckily there is a growing economy. one that most didn’t pay attention to but a few did and more and more people are learning about it. In the 1980’s we saw the introduction of the digital economy. Electronic devices were beginning to make an appearance in society. But computers, were advancing at rapid pace. Since then the digital economy grew and never showed any signs of dipping. It was booming. And what’s more, it’s still booming today! There are no signs of it stopping either.

With this digital economy on the continual rise, it makes sense to plug into it does it not? You can of course start your own digital business and with any business there will be duties one person cannot do on their own. They will require assistance. This is how clickstartyourbusiness provides employment.

In the digital world there ways to provide employment & support developing countries such as the Philippines, India, Pakistan etc. These jobs are things like ‘Virtual Assists”. They can do all sorts of work required in a digital business.

Can you see the value of the digital economy? This is all thanks to the internet.

Of course there are duties required offline in order to keep the digital business running and this is where local jobs are created. And in filling these positions training would be required. This training would in fact equip the individual(s) with the exact skills required to start and run a digital business of their own (which clickstartyourbusiness encourages of course).

Why do this?

Some people just don’t want to be entrepreneurs and would rather have a stable job. Understanding this enables us to work to everybody’s needs. If job security is what you’re after, than look no further, the digital economy is not going to collapse only grow stronger. Simple.

If you would like to know more about working with or parent company and aren’t interested in becoming an entrepreneur, head over to our contact page by clicking here and reach out with your enquiry and we’ll speak about what opportunities we can CREATE for you, yes we will find something for you.


To provide food, water, shelter, sanitation, clothing and/or psychiatric help for disadvantaged people

This is the BIG one.

The Clickstartyourbusiness goal is to have raised enough capital to be able to purchase properties (suitable hotels) around the country (UK to begin with then expand to the global need) to house the people who need it.

In return for food, water, the shelter, sanitation, clothing, psychiatric help and money, the residents will learn and perform the duties required to run clickstartyourbusiness. Once they have learned each aspect of the business, they are equipped to go and build their own businesses effectively having found their feet back in society.

This is of course a very brief explanation of what the goal is and is by no way the definitive action plan.

BIG goal. But a goal nonetheless. And it shall be achieved.

Why do this?

Because it’s the right thing to do.

With your support it will happen faster. These people need our help NOW.

So what’s stopping you getting started? You’ve enough information to know that the digital economy is what is going support us going forward. Go ahead and grab your FREE Start up Bundle worth $350 below!

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