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Great Speakers Tony Robbins

Need motivation? Looking for great speakers? If you haven’t of this guy already then by learning of him now – he will forever be popping up in the media in your life. We are of course talking about Tony Robbins.

Anybody who wants to do their own thing (i.e running a business) and is looking for ideas will feel compelled to listen when they just hear a few words spoken by a man called TONY ROBBINS!

Some of you will of heard of Tony, some of you will have known about Tony for a long time and perhaps even followed him on the various social media sites but if you do not already – We have to suggest – listen to, watch and feel this guy’s energy!

We follow obviously – and listen to any suggestions when Tony Robbins speaks. He’s gets ideas across in such a manner it makes you understand the point so much better than anyone else could put it. It also allows for you to easily implement the idea or ideas into your business.

We came across this video below and as per usual, We were engaged!!

If you haven’t heard Tony Robbins speak before we strongly suggest you check out this video. You will see for yourself how this self made $5 Bn companies man helps others do their ‘thing’.


Not only do we enjoy how Tony Robbins puts the obstacles we come up against in to a different perspective for us to realise what it is we are missing; The guy is funny too!

I mean, we can’t all be serious all the time can we? can we?

I suppose majority of the time we need to be serious about our businesses but we need to lighten up sometimes just so our minds can relax a bit!

Tony picks a young man then a young lady at different times and asks simple questions to them – but in a way to hit home what our minds need to do in order to work out how to answer.

It’s better in the video of course as opposed to our explanation..


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