Giving Up on Your Passions? Don’t Until You Read This

Starting something exciting gives us a boost of energy to get ‘stuck in’. But like anything new it won’t be perfect from the get go.

Although it may seem simple enough in the beginning the truth is it’ll take you a good number of attempts to get good at that something.

The first few attempts of anything, will ultimately be failed by us. But we mustn’t stop because of it.

A famous phrase:

“The Ultimate Failure is Giving Up”

So true.

Even ‘Giving Up’ trying could be classed as failure.

It doesn’t matter what the skill is we’re trying to get good at or even if we’ve set ourselves a goal of mastery, getting good or mastery can not happen if we’re to give up.

So I encourage for you to not to stop at whatever that might be. You’ll get there.

Personally, I failed in soooo many areas of life and business. My dream was to Dj & Produce Electronic Music professionally.

My first completed piece of music took months to complete due to procrastination. And it was awful!

At the time I was happy I finally finished a piece of music (a problem new producers face).

But looking back and listening to it many years later – I laugh and say things about how rubbish and amateur it was.

Between starting to produce music and that point – I wanted to give up so many times thinking and saying to myself that I just didn’t have that special ‘Gene’ to make it with my music.

I didn’t give up because I love music so much and I can’t think of doing much of anything else with my time.

My time failing in music was well spent though. It made me stronger in the sense that each and every new piece of music I completed was better than the last. My confidence grew as well as the skill set.

I can now get a piece of music finished in a weekend! And to a standard that I’m happy with.

So the dream of music is still alive for me! Difference is I turned that dream into a goal!

A slight alteration of a word that makes a monumental difference.

We could ‘dream’ forever and a day about what we want to do with our lives but with a ‘Goal’ this now has become destination.

And the journey starts as soon as the ‘dream’ is substituted with being a ‘goal’.

Unfortunately unless you’re already established in the music industry – it pays pretty poorly. And 9 times out of 10 you’re lucky to even get paid.

With living expenses to cover it’s no wonder people ‘give up’ on their dreams/goals and go back to their jobs where their incomes are in like clockwork.

Exhausted with my day job and finding both energy and time to do what I love the most became more and more distant.

Almost giving up on my musical ventures. I almost became a failure.

Until that is, I found a way to find more time for myself. Less work so I wasn’t so tired. So I found a way to invest more time in what I love with the energy needed to concentrate on it.

All thanks to the internet.

I found a way to leave the job I was working because I found another way to earn a living. Earning a living whilst learning life changing skills simultaneously.

I now don’t ever have to worry about working a job for somebody else ever again. I can choose where I invest my 16 hours a day (8 are of course for sleep).

Funny thing is, everybody can do this too. All it takes is for the learning of same life changing skills I mentioned earlier and earn an income in doing so.

You’re probably just wanting to know what I did so I’ll just tell you.

I started an internet business.

Whilst still working my job, I chose to put what I love doing (making music) on hold for a bit because I can come back to it when I’ve mastered these new skills.

I worked on learning and implemented what I learnt to start generating an income alongside my job.

There then came a point when I was earning more from my internet business than I was from my job. That moment cannot even be described.

That moment you actually feel free for the first time. Knowing I never have to wake up to an alarm clock, sit in traffic or get pushed from pillar to post on a London Underground Tube was surreal.

You’re probably wondering what’s involved and it’ll be my absolute pleasure to introduce it to you if you desire more time and energy to do the things you REALLY want to do in your life.

It’s so simple.

Simple doesn’t mean easy though.

You have to put in the work to both learn and execute. But it is so worth it.

If you’d like to learn more about how to start an internet business you can do so by clicking here. You can get £350 of FREE Online Startup Material including the 7 Day Bootcamp Video Training series.

Oh, and by the way, these skills are what are going to allow for me to make it in music when I pick that back up again. And it’ll allow for you to follow whatever passions you have too.


Giving Up on Your Passions? Don’t Until You Read This

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