Looking for a new career? Well be sure it’s a future proof career because technology advances at such a pace that a newly found suited career for you could be made obsolete in the very near future.

Now this isn’t a new topic but some alarm bells are ringing as we’re seeing the introduction of robots capable of doing more than just the one task as opposed to earlier robots only being able to carry out the one task it was programmed to do.

Some new information had come to light that prompted me to make the below video.

The reason is because robots are making robots! So even the robot production industry is affected by itself!

There’s a lot of mixed emotions about where we are heading, some are excited, some are fearful, some are just depressed without a clue what to do. Which is why this video and content was published. To give you an option.

The truth is when something as big as technology is affecting our lives in such a way that employment is becoming scarce because most skilled work can be or is being carried out by robots, software or some kind of tech, you can either be washed out by the wave or ride it. And people are opting for the latter; And no, age is no restriction.

How can you ride this tech wave? Switch into learning mode. AND DO NOT SAY YOU CANNOT DO IT. BECAUSE YOU CAN. I will show you.

The video explains all and what you need to do to not be affected by it. Any questions just reach out! Enjoy.

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Source content:

IEEE Spectrum



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