An Apprenticeship like no other…

 The model is simple.

No smoke and mirrors, cloak and dagger bullsh*t. I’m going to tell you how it is right here. On this page.

Because all these internet marketers all say they’re transparent but don’t tell you the key things. When I was checking out other programs, they say they want to be transparent with you, yet they leave out the key points so that you pay then find out what they left out. (Makes me angry! rarrgh!)

So here it is. This is the model:

You learn the most recession & obsolete-proof skills and to make the ‘MILLIONS’ that is so widely advertised by some of the lower end programs (get rich quick rubbish) –  you sell your knowledge by training/coaching/consulting/mentoring to students who are more than happy to pay the price you set.

And/Or by developing your own digital training products to sell.

You also can create your own business opportunity and continue providing value to the world effectively changing people’s lives.

Now before you’re able to do any of the aforementioned -training/coaching, developing digital training products or an opportunity – you need to be able to market on the internet.

This is where the SFM come in and do it so very well. The SFM are a community of driven people turn digital entrepreneurs whose vision is to change as many people’s lives as possible.

No doubt you want to know about me and I understand that so click here to open my about me page on another tab, so you can get to know my story after you’re done reading here (if you haven’t done so already).

Now I have to assume I don’t know the level of digital marketing you are at; you could be at zero or maybe you’ve been at it for a while and are looking for another high ticket to add to your income streams.

Either way I’d love for you to reach out and connect with me by clicking here.

But for the purposes of keeping this page relevant to it’s title; I’m going to explain exactly this whole digital business thing works and why you need SFM.

The SFM teach you how to market online. There is only one way to market online and that is to provide value. A genuine care for people and their lives. SFM show you how to do this and take out an awful lot of the variables that could cause for a longer learning time.

So – Learn the skills to market the SFM whilst earning fantastic commissions. In doing so, you gain experience, skills and financially which will snowball because of the potential ways you could marketing yourself as an expert.

The thing is – PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW THIS STUFF AND WILL PAY. I’m one of them. I understand the best investment I can make isn’t a Stock Exchange Share, or time – it’s an investment in myself.

You’ll hear that a lot- but it’s true. All the successful people that ever lived invested in themselves. They bought the information that aided their success. That is what is takes to be successful and it’s common knowledge for those on the journey.

People want to know this stuff and will pay handsomely because of the value the training given to them sets them up for life.

Setting them free from the ‘GOLDEN’ handcuffs of a 9 to 5.

Setting them free from the limited 22 holidays a year.

Setting them free from working weekends.

Setting them free from stress for hitting targets that only benefit the business owner.

Setting them free to see and invest their time with those they love and care about.

Setting them free to take holidays that last months not weeks.

Setting them free from anything that enslaves them.

The training at the SFM is set up in such a way that you will learn it, to eliminate overwhelm as much as possible. That doesn’t mean overwhelm is eliminated completely, there will be days where you are overwhelmed, this is simply part of the process on anyone’s journey in entrepreneurship.

No stone is left unturned. The SFM cover EVERYTHING one needs to know in order to master this skill.

Below is only a handful of what is covered in the training (This list is even longer than what is displayed):

Earn and Learn Digital Marketing

So to summarize, you learn how to market (properly & ethically) and make commissions along the way from marketing SFM and will have complete support from the whole community and of course, you’ll have my support 1000%. If you ever needed anything – I’m qualified enough to help you (which is what I absolutely love to).

If you’re happy with what you’re reading and ready to ‘UNLEASH’ the digital entrepreneur in you, go ahead and click below: There’s $350 of start up gear up for grabs, jump on in and I’ll see you in there 🙂

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