BTV Solo

Low Cost Producing Software BTV Solo
BTV SOLO New Low Cost Producing Software


A fantastic way to quickly put together beats, riffs, melodies, bass lines and hooks when you’re on the go!

This awesome software can be used as standalone or as an AU or VST with your preferred DAW.

The producers among us here will understand what these acronyms mean..

For those just starting out here we go:

AU -AUDIO UNITS, re software modules — for instance, virtual instruments or effects — that can be used by any audio application that supports AU plug-ins.

VST – Stands for “Virtual Studio Technology.” VST is an audio plug-in standard developed by Steinberg (creators of the Cubase, a (DAW) -digital audio workstation.

It’s easy to use layout and flash GUI (Graphic User Interface) looks the part of any professional studio.

I honestly cannot believe why BTV Solo is so cheap.

Click Here! take advantage and get yours before the price goes back up to retail!

Quick interview with Dallas Austin with his input on why this came into being.

Enjoy this video and BTV Solo and let us know how you get on with this wonderful tool!

Myself; I prefer Ableton Live and use this as a standalone when I’m out having a coffee or beer even. Long train or plane journeys or even in the car (obviously not when I’m driving) The reason I’m reviewing this product is clearly because how cost effective for your creative work flow it can be.  You know when you’re in a queue or waiting for something or even when you’re just about to go to bed or have a shower then a riff comes along into your head, all that needs doing here is flip open your laptop and have the idea in your head come to light, write the riff, close laptop and get in the shower or go to bed and come back to your newly instantly created project.  For more info Click Here!

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