Heading into autumn or what some over the pond will refer to as fall, all kinds of life around us are making their transitions into their survival states.

But is life about survival? Or is the opposite true?

Trees shed their leaves to conserve water and energy in their roots and hedgehogs slow right down in November to hibernate.

So what do people do around this time of year?

What are the people in your life you doing at this very moment as you read this in the spacetime continuum?

But more importantly, what are YOU doing in your life at this very moment in time?

Are you en-route to living the best life an individual can live and experience?

Then the highest of fives to you my friend.

But as lovely as that sounds, there’s no denying how strenuous it can be a times.

For long times sometimes. A necessary evil though.

We keep breaking through though. Growing and expanding our comfort zones.

From the previous comfort zone to the one we are in and then transitioning into a further expanded one.

But this entrepreneurship. A transition in life that opens an ocean of opportunity to us.

We are all entrepreneurs whether we know it or not and we are the captains of our ships. We are completely responsible for where our ships dock or don’t or even set sail!

Some ships are just sailing into the abyss. Some are docked and aren’t going anywhere. Some are just floating in one place.

But some ships have direction. A defined destination, a map, a compass and a competent captain to get them there.

These captains will experience treacherous conditions sometimes but WILL get there and when they do, they’ll feel that feeling. You know the one, hard to describe but it feels amazing.

After all, if we ask our minds and bodies – what’s the best buzz we’ve ever felt in our lives, the answer would be PROGRESS.

No matter what kind of chemicals you may have ingested or naturally created – the best buzz or ‘high’ is making progress on your journey to your destination.

So where is your planned destination?

Is it an increase in time for yourself to INVEST it with those you love? Perhaps a financial lift. Whichever it is, the same holds true. When we’ve reached our destination, we plan new ones. Bigger ones.

Coming from a psychological mess I am here today writing about a journey we all embark on knowingly or accidentally.

Don’t get me wrong I’m still a psychological mess but a tad more tidier than before! (click here to read why I came be this ‘mess’)

How did I tidy up a bit of this mess?

I was presented with information that would change the direction of my life, the direction of my ship. First and foremost I needed to realise I was the captain.

But this captain was a drunken sailor. I mean how can you put someone in charge of a ship that’s drunk all the time? You can’t.

You can be given all the excuses as to why I drank myself into oblivion but the truth is I was masking my reality. Being drunk gave me temporary happiness. And a headache the next day to compensate.

So I cleaned up. The destination was unknown at the time but most definitely could not be determined if I was drunk all the time!

Then murky waters became clear. I realised that I could live the life I desired if I just steered my ship a tiny bit to either way of the straight line I was travelling in.

But which way do I turn? Left or right? The answer is either. As long as I learn from the decision I make and the actions I take it’ll be the correct way to go. To carry on the straight line wouldn’t empower me in the slightest.

Traditional entrepreneurs are making the transition into digital entrepreneurship as are so many other people. It’s never been as simple as it is today, to go from employee to entrepreneur.

All it takes to make the shift is the right information from the right mentors. We can try our best to ‘make it’ on our own, but, at some point on our journey, we will soon realise that to ‘make it’, we need model the previous actions of people who have done what we intend to achieve.

No need to re-invent the wheel just a straightforward ‘learn and implement’ strategy. Learn from those willing to share how they became the successful people they are. Yes there are inspirational quotes that will sharpen a person’s focus of their destination but what if we don’t have a destination determined?

How long will it be before we realise that we need our destinations to be determined?

Will there ever be a circumstance that dictates for us to ask the right questions to find the answers ourselves?

So what do we need to progress to the next step or level?

Having a vague destination in mind isn’t good enough I’m afraid. We need to put that destination on paper. Yes, you read me right, PAPER! Grab your pad and Mont Blanc buddy. Then ask yourself this:

What transition in life will satisfy your desires right now?

Got an answer?

That’s your destination.

Write that badboy down, and then reverse engineer on HOW to make it happen. This is the quickest way of taking the next mental step towards your destination. There’s plenty of benefits of writing your goals down that we’ll go into detail on another article, but for now trust that this works as it has for every successful person that has ever lived. Feel free to prove me wrong but after continuous research on successful people both dead and alive, everyone of them have said to do this.

But reading up on various books and watching YouTube video after YouTube video will only do so much for our progress. Yes, the information is key – but implementation is so much more. Everything in this article has spawned from the ‘presented’ information I mentioned earlier, you know, the information that changed the direction of my life.

I absolutely could not have learnt anything if it had not have been for my mentors and this life changing information they gave me. I have a list of mentors that is continuously growing because I can learn from them directly and indirectly.

Ultimately though, it was me that TOOK THE ACTION, I implemented. They lead this horse to water, but I chose to drink. Now I’m able to help people do the same. Help people make the slight adjustment to their ship’s course.

I’d love to give you the exact same information that took me from being a complete drunken, no-hoper. Psychologically damaged from his biological parent’s abandonment. Working a job 60 hours a week for a measly £20k year to transitioning to an entrepreneur providing massive value to the world.

This information is a FREE 7 day bootcamp video training in digital entrepreneurship. You’ll meet my mentors who are industry leaders who are making an impact by changing people’s lives. They’re the founders of the Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy Stuart & Jay.

Now if I can do it overcoming the mental blocks I had, so can you.

Click here and you’ll be directed to a page where you can input your name and email address. I’ll then be sending you £350/$460 WORTH OF ONLINE BUSINESS STARTUP TRAINING FREE! A training video each day enabling you to make the transition into digital entrepreneurship.

I sincerely hope you found value in this article and would absolutely love to help you progress in living life to its optimum.

Until next time, bye for now and remember, everybody lives a life they deserve. It’s up to us to deserve the best.

Much love;

Bobby <3


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