are entrepreneurs born or made

 Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

Where do entrepreneurs come from? Are entrepreneurs born or made? A questions we find ourselves asking. The answer is surprisingly closer to home than one may think.

This post will clarify any doubt whether are Entrepreneurs Born or Made. The direct answer is yes to both, here’s why.

We are all born as entrepreneurs. We start life with a blank canvas. Then our experiences start to paint the picture. This picture can be abstract, or photographic either way something is developed on the canvas.

It’s the development that dictates whether we become an entrepreneur or not. So you are both an entrepreneur and not an entrepreneur when you are born. You have your journey of life ahead of you.

Unless you are Donald Trump and born into a wealthy family and taught about business from a very young age, you will have to make an entrepreneur of yourself.

are entrepreneurs born or made
are entrepreneurs born or made


The only way you can make yourself an entrepreneur is by learning from those in the field of entrepreneurship. After all, most of them have nothing to say but words of encouragement and promote belief in yourself.

And no – I’m not saying learn from Donald Trump. Far from. Although I respect this man’s business acumen of turning a small loan from his dad of a $1’000’000 into billions.

This guy doesn’t have the human touch. I’ll will not stoop to make fun of Mr. Trump  because it’s unfair to do so, or of any human being. No matter how much of an idiot they openly make of themselves (which he has down to a fine art).

What I’m saying is learn from those that have the human touch, those that have a genuine desire to help and serve other human beings for the good of them and everybody.

Learn from ethical businessmen and women who aren’t  just out for themselves and personal gain, but wish to do good with their money ‘earned’ for better things for the world.

More on who to learn from later…

So – if anybody asks you – Are entrepreneurs born or made? You know to say:

“Yes to both”

A person’s development in a field may have a little to do with genetics but it is primarily down to the amount knowledge and practice that individual has invested his or her time in.

Anybody can do anything. All it takes is the time to practice the methods of somebody great in that given field.

For example:

are entrepreneurs born or made
are entrepreneurs born or made

When Michael Jordan wanted to be the greatest basketball player in the history of the game – he had to practice being the greatest basketball player in the history of the game. So much so that it was second nature and he gracefully played with ease and made for it to look effortless to the spectators.

The spectators would only concentrate on the 48 minutes Michael Jordan would be ‘performing’, not the rest of the time had been practicing. Michael Jordan practiced 6 hours a day from when he was 7 years old.

This is how he became the greatest basketball player of all time.

The point here is that he wasn’t born the greatest player – he ‘made’ himself the greatest player. The same is true of entrepreneurs.

Practice, practice practice, repetition, repetition, repetition!

That is how you become  a great.

So are entrepreneurs born or made?

Born if you’re Donald Trump, made if you’re anybody else!


Just practice at what you wish to be good at, and if you’re not motivated enough, perhaps you don’t want it enough. 

If you want to be an entrepreneur – practice it! Because you were born to be made into one.

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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

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