Hey thanks for checking out my ‘about me’ page.

*NOTE – I will always discover new things about myself because that’s how this self-awareness thing works!

To sum myself up I’d say:

“I am my own philosophical, psychological, and social experiment”.

I can only subject myself to the resulting circumstance of the thoughts I think, emotions I feel and the action I take.

I cannot and will not ever expect anyone to do something I have not done or prepared to do myself.

All the above hasn’t always been the case for me though. In fact it’s relatively new in my life.

At the time of writing this, I’m 36 and I discovered I wanted a better quality of life only 6 years ago.

Up until then, I was your regular Joe trying to do the regular Joe thing. You know – go school, get a good job and live the happiest life possible.

So come 30 – I realised that I had reached the ceiling and life wasn’t going to get any better in any of the areas most of us want to get better (experience, finance, relationships etc).

My salary was embarrassing, wasn’t bad, but still embarrassing. I had no financial education so I was literally wasting my money on things I didn’t need and I started to hate my job for not earning as much as I wanted.

I foolishly blamed other things for the reason of my unhappiness – such as my biological parents abandoning parental responsibility of me when I was just a baby and how they never guided me in life.

I was wound up that my job as a ‘Parts Manager’ (a person who takes care of the parts dept in an Audi dealership) was as far as my earning potential would take me (£35k/year) without having to work my butt off for another however many years before I’m making 6 figures. I needed to work out how to earn more along side my career in the automotive industry.

Truth was, still is and always will be, that I am the reason I wasn’t obtaining what I wanting in my life.

As soon as I realised it was me and my actions that had caused for me to be where I was in life, I concluded that I could change where I end up by learning the ways of successful people.

I could avoid getting in undesirable situations and make better decisions moving forward in my life.

From that moment, I had become accountable for what happens my life and I also, in some ways,  had an impact on lives of those I came into contact with.

So like any self-sufficient person – I sat in front of our friend the world wide web and began, which would turn out to be my journey.

Boy there’s some rubbish on the net eh? Well, after wading through it I was becoming an expert (as you do after 5 mins on YouTube) on personal development! I realised that information is one of the keys to unlocking the door I didn’t even know existed!

This was the moment the penny dropped. ’You don’t know, what you don’t know’.

I was hooked. By this time I had made myself ‘Information Junkie’ to ‘Expert Level’.

Information isn’t enough though. I had to apply what I was learning into action, that’s what brings knowledge into fruition. And boy it’s sweet fruit when ripe.

My challenge was to earn more money and the information consumed concluded I was to provide more value if I was to earn more.

So the only way I could ever get promoted was to wait for the opportunity for me to apply for the next level position (Aftersales Manager). There had to be another way during the interim.

So during one of the personal development binge sessions on my favourite website of all time (YouTube) – Some guy I had never seen before presented me with an idea to start a business. An online business, not a traditional business, you know, a shop with stock and employees but an ONLINE business.

He continued to explain the benefits of being financially free, being able to travel wherever his heart desired and still run his business without any time constraints whatsoever.

Scepticism was setting in and I was starting to think this had to be a joke or worse a scam.

He went on to say that an online business doesn’t have the burden of a physical location or stock to hold and sell. Also, an online business is open 24/7/365. GLOBALLY!

It started making a bit of sense to me, I had to look further into it. So, as you do – I clicked on the link he said to click on because I wanted more information.

I entered my name and email address on the page I landed on to receive the free training he said he would provide.

He delivered, I was blown away and I became a student of Digital Entrepreneurship and he became my mentor.

I learnt the key to successful entrepreneurship and business is problem solving – solve a person’s problem and that person will pay you for that solution.

Look at any business in the history of this world and we can separate the sustainable ones from the failed ones. Simply by the problems of our world being solved.

I learnt success will take time to come but it will come nonetheless. The speed of one’s success is determined by a few factors.

I learnt the fastest path to success is the same path one would take when in a foreign city. You’ve got the address but don’t know how to get there. So the logical thing to do is ask for directions from a local, someone who knows the area like the back of their hand. So they can tell you which is the quickest and safest way.

The same is true of the paths we are on in our lives. Mentoring is the ULTIMATE key – how else are we to arrive at the destination when we’re in a foreign place?

I’m being mentored and passing on that knowledge along with whatever other treasures I find on my journey. I know what it feels like to be stuck without a way out in sight. Truth is there is a way out and I my goal is show to you and others like you the door to REAL freedom.

Go ahead and click this link for you to get the started with the same mentoring to get you to where you want to go in your life. To achieve what you’ve always wanted to achieve. Get the clarity you need to hit your goal faster.

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