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Hey Hey Buddy!

I am Bobby De La Vega! And I’m pleased to meet you (digital hand held out for handshake) J and thank you for coming out to check out this page, of all the webpages on the internet, you’re on this one so for that reason I thank you kindly J.

This page will give you an idea of where in time and space I come from and how I came to be the founder of Click Start Your Business (and another digital business but let’s concentrate on this one!)

But more importantly you’ll learn WHY I founded Click Start Your Business.

Throughout all my content, I trust you will feel my passion for helping people live their lives on THEIR terms. The mediums through which I share my material always has a tonne of my energy thrown in.

You see, I learnt to only put my mind to things that I’m passionate about and show people to do the same. I learnt to give, whatever has my attention, as much of my energy that it deserves because spending my time doing something I’m passionate about is time well spent.

To every single one of us, TIME is our most valuable asset.

I’m sure you agree.

Phrase’s like –

“Life’s too short”

Get thrown around so often, it loses its meaning. To be fair, we may think about it for a second or two when somebody of influence dies, then we go back to pre-occupying our minds with stuff, if we’re honest, that doesn’t really help us progress on our journey in life.

Shouldn’t we be spending time on things that’ll help towards reaching our personal goals? Otherwise what are we doing? That’s what I found myself asking.

I realised that having a goal, or a number of goals, will give you the focus and drive you need towards reaching it and allow for you to TAKE ACTION that’s necessary for you achieve what you’ve set out for yourself.

But Goal setting is a topic in itself that needs touching on (which we will – on my blog here) be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything new I share.

It doesn’t make any sense to be spending your time and putting your energy into something that doesn’t’ yield a result of fulfilment or happiness. Whatever that ‘something’ might be.

Understanding that everybody is different is key. What might be happiness for me may not be necessarily happiness for somebody else. Respecting this allows for me to be able to speak to absolutely anybody from anywhere and this is what I love to do most! Connecting with like-minded, focused and driven individuals or groups who know what they want in their lives and will TAKE ACTION in reaching their goals.

Whenever I meet anybody new in life the first question I ask is:

“What do you want from life?”

A great conversation starter!, I care about the response I get. Anybody unsure of what it is they want from life I have one sentence that’ll make things clearer for them. That sentence is:

“Do what you love”.

I say to them that there is only one person stopping them from doing that. That one person is himself or herself.

A harsh reality for some, I then hear all the excuses that I used to tell myself when I thought something was ‘too difficult’ to achieve or neigh on impossible.

Things like, I don’t earn enough to have the lifestyle I want, or I’m not good enough to have that or the worst of the list I CAN’T DO THAT or I COULDN’T DO THAT.

By saying such things you’ve built an obstacle already for yourself and you’ve effectively quit before you’ve got started.

Self-confidence CAN be achieved. There’s just some practicing involved and ACTION that needs to be TAKEN.

Something that I developed over time thanks to the mentoring I received. I used to lack confidence throughout the majority of time in my life, something I’ll tell you why later on this page.

Being English living in London ( I know my name would indicate otherwise but..) I try to uphold the tradition of being the stereotyped English gentleman by holding doors open for others and never forgetting my manners.

What and whom I love…

Main passions in my life are my wife; music, the cosmos and everything contained within, I love to help other people and do good things for society and of course I love running my business.

I love my wife and we’re always working towards the betterment of our lives. We are constantly ‘developing’ ourselves and investing into our ‘intellectual capital’. We know that knowledge is the key for unlocking the things that life has to offer, so we are in a never-ending classroom of learning new skills in life. We support each other in whatever we set out for ourselves and encourage more from each other. Words cannot do justice to the gratitude I have for her.

I absolutely adore music. House and Techno as it goes. It’s been my best friend since I can remember and there seems to be no fading in relationship. I love to produce and totally zone out when I’m Djing. Would love to share my work with you if you’re interested in listening just click here to open my soundcloud page. The community of House and Techno Music all love to share the passion they each have for the scene. There is no competition and only encouragement from each of those venturing into the realms of production or Djing. I love that. These guys and girls of course are very driven individuals, working hard to realise their ‘dream’ of making music and sharing it with those that love it too.

Some names to give you an idea of the sound I’m into would be the likes of John Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo but my #1 of the new era is Ricky Ryan, this guy takes the biscuit when it comes to track selection and mixing ability. Check them out, they’re awesome, trust me.

To go into detail about my love for the cosmos and generally the ‘unknown’ you could be here reading this forever, but long story short is that the unknown is what drives me – the more we (us humans) discover more about the stuff we didn’t know, the more questions get asked. But would be more than happy to talk to you about it over a coffee, beer or on Skype call if you fancy it! Just give me a shout!

I love a conspiracy theory too. Ha ha, I’ll just say that and end it here because there’s probably more to say about the ‘rabbit hole’ that is the conspiracy than that of the cosmos! Again, love to talk about it with fellow critical thinkers and if you’re one of them, please do reach out.

My love for helping others begins…

Being that my previous jobs were heavily customer service related, I was taught by the best in the field that I adopted as my mentors. I worked for German car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi and BMW. What I learnt at these companies was that the products that the customers I dealt with had purchased had made the 2nd and sometimes 1st biggest purchases of their lives. A car.

Now when you make such a purchase you expect the service to be second-to-none and the after-sales departments to be on your side and ‘help’ you in anyway they can. This is where I thrived. I absolutely loved helping those customers that needed their car back as soon as possible and I executed excellent customer service with the reputation of the company I was working for at the time in mind.

This is where I developed the love for helping people. I went above and beyond for these customers and they loved the dealership (I was working for at the time) for it. I loved that feeling of knowing that what I had done or was doing was appreciated. But when they came to thank me for it, I just said “it’s all in a days work sir/madam” and I’d say it was down to the training given to me by my mentors, like I say, the best in the industry. Since then, I help as much as I can, in whatever I can, wherever I can. This love for the feeling I got from helping is one of the reasons why I started clickstartyourbusiness.com. I simply just want to help because I’m in a position to do so.

But the efforts I was putting in to keep the company’s reputation in tact by the level of service the customers were receiving from me was all undone by a colleague’s tactless comment or action – I soon became sick of that.  I felt my efforts were wasted at all the companies I worked for because of somebody else that didn’t really care about what they were doing or saying.

Experiencing my hard work being undone ALL THE TIME, soon pissed me off.  I wanted something else from my job, but I wasn’t sure where to start, I didn’t know where to turn or what to look for. I had questions but they were quite vague, I had to identify how to ask the correct questions to get the answers I was looking for.

How is it?…

I always wanted to know how I could live the life like the people I saw that were worriless. How is it they had such a worry-free life but mine was full of shit? How was it that they had no money problems? How is it they had the time to do the stuff I wanted to do? How was it that they were living life? And I wasn’t? What was their secret?

So I endeavoured to find out what this ‘secret’ was. And sure enough I found it. And without my searching of it I would never have found it. It’s like Tony Robbins (click here if you don’t know who he is) says –

“Seek and you shall find…”

So so true. But what I found was a treasure chest of secrets! I hit the jackpot!  Jackpot of information that is.

Without this treasure chest of secrets, I would not have learned all that I did! Everything learned was all making sense to me! It was answering all the questions I had.  Okay, okay I’ll stop going on and tell you what it was – the secret was to work for myself. I know I know – not much of a secret but I was now asking ‘HOW’ could I work for myself and create a business when I have no product to sell or service to provide?

This is when all the information I had found came into play!

Enter the Six Figure Mentors!

You see I found someone  online called Stuart Ross, I completely resonated with him. He is an entrepreneur. His vision is to help people like me become the successful digital entrepreneurs we desire to be.

With the vision Stuart had, I too wanted I want to help as many people live the lives they want. What could be more rewarding than helping people escape the system they were trapped in?  The very system that I was once trapped in too.

I soon realised Stuart would become my new mentor. I realised that you are only as good as your mentor can teach you and to be fair – my previous mentors taught me everything I needed to know about 1st class customer service, the maintenance of brand reputation and best business practice. I had reached the point where I couldn’t learn anymore – that was as far as I was going. I needed a new mentor or mentors.

On my journey to study the successful people, something was mentioned over and over again. That was to have mentors. Have a few. Learn from them until you cannot learn anymore from them – then find a new mentor to better yourself further. I soon realised I must do this if I wanted to grow even more.

Just so you know…

The impression I’m aiming to give here is one of a true likeness. I’m not pretending that I’m an ‘Internet Guru’ or extravagant entrepreneur with a garage full of classic Porsches living in the Hollywood Hills (like Tai Lopez, I’m sure you’ve seen his ads on YouTube) I’m just a guy with a vision to help people (that want to) become the successful entrepreneur they have a desire to be. And it is possible by ‘plugging’ into an already working ‘franchise-like’ system – learning from it – then go create your own from your learning. SIMPLE AS THAT. Seriously. It is as simple as that.

Keep the negativity away …

If you are anything like me and are positively charged, then we have common ground. I dislike saying or even thinking about anything negative, even the word – “negative” – gives a bad vibe – now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not deluded or an idiot (although I dance like a queen and sing Bohemian Rhapsody when I’ve had a few beers much like an idiot) I know negativity is out there and it is ubiquitous. It-is-everywhere! And falling into the trap of it and being consumed by it is so so easy given all the horrendous news and media being pumped into our heads from things like television.

But I stay away from it or ‘take it with a pinch of salt’. It’s all bullshit and it’s there deliberately to put you, me and all of us in a depressing mood (I’ll spare you the conspiracy theory – again, happy to chat over a coffee or beer with you about this).

I know cutting it out is difficult, when you’re trapped in the system all you do is moan…

I fell into the trap of the negative ‘vortex’ and all I did was moan and groan about life and how shit life was when I was working my 9-5 day job Monday to Saturday (with no lunch break), feeling drained and exhausted with little to show for it on pay day.

I had a feeling inside that had me asking the questions mentioned earlier, questions like – “How do people become successful and live the life I’m looking for?”

I am sure you’ve asked this question to yourself too. I wanted to know how these people I was envious of, have so much free time, mindfulness, happiness and generally just being worry free and enjoying life.

But when you surround yourself with others that moan too, you’ll find yourself moaning just like them to fit in. Moaning instead of taking the necessary action to make ‘A’ change or more importantly – ‘THE’ change. Make the change of separating yourself from those who moan and groan. They’re not going to help you progress, they’ll hold you back.

Believe in yourself…

These people I envied, possessed something the rest of us didn’t. There was something we were all missing but they weren’t.

They all believed in something that most of us are not taught enough of in our schools and educational institutions. That something is OURSELVES. WE NEED TO BELIEVE IN OURSELVES TO BE SUCCESSFUL. So all you will ever hear from me whether it’d be written word or spoken is the belief I have in YOU and ultimately myself. I believe in you – but you need to believe in yourself too.

How do I know to believe in you? Because anybody can do whatever they put their mind to – their mind-set is the key to success or failure. And failure is giving up, not what most believe is failure, as in, try something and not getting the desired result, that is not failure, that is learning. FAILURE IS QUITTING. DO NOT QUIT remain positive about what you are doing and why and you WILL be successful.

With all this positivity in mind…

I do come across negatively charged people, when I learn this about them I keep them at arms length, reason being is that there is more negative people out there in the system then there are positive. And when negatives get together they all get on sooooo well with the bitching and gossip they have to offer for each other – KEEP THAT WELL AWAY FROM YOUR LIVES. Get caught up in that shit and you’ll never progress into the mind-set of those that believe in themselves.

Now we go deep…

It’s my pleasure to be in a position to help people escape the warped system of the rat race that is far from what we would define as ‘life’.

I feel so great in the knowledge that I have found my purpose in life. I am privileged to be alive in this time in this place. London. I love London, I was born here and I live here (at the time of writing this) and it is a place of beauty and history. I love history and I’m fascinated by it – I want to know the history of all things like where we (humans) came from and how we got to the level of intelligence we are at. But at the same time, the history of humanity has been one of violence. I can’t change what has happened but I can certainly change what is to happen.

We are all the masters of our own destinies.

I’m going to go over my story with you and how I came to be in the position of being able to show you how you can leave your old life of serving someone else and serve yourself and those that matter to you in your life.

Violins & Tissues at the ready!…

So. I was born in London to my biological parents of Indian origin. Things weren’t great in my family in the sense that money was scarce and there were all sorts of severed relationship issues going on my biological mother’s family.

I was the baby of the family; I have two older sisters who I love immensely. But for reasons still unknown to this day my sisters and I were sent into foster care. I was 4 and my middle sister was 5 and my eldest sister was 12.

We landed into an English foster care home in a place called Milton Keynes. This was meant to be for a short while – this turns out to be the rest of our childhood and early part of our adult lives.

Throughout this time it was quite difficult to deal with as being at school we were tormented about not having parents and ultimately being of ‘Asian’ decent we felt like outcasts. (This’ll continue to be the case throughout our lives).

We hated it there. I forgot my heritage and just carried on with life with no real sense of encouragement from anybody. My sisters were the same. My eldest sister when old enough to work had three jobs to keep up with rent at our foster home! These foster parents were only doing what they did for us for the money – we didn’t feel any love or encouragement from them whatsoever.

So I was lost really, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was older – the conversation was never had, I didn’t even realise how important education was even though I was quite good academically. All of us were in fact; we loved school, because it was away from them, the foster people.

Anyway, I shan’t go on too much about how rough life was for us emotionally but the long and short of it was – we didn’t know what a mother’s or father’s love felt like BUT we saw the positive and was grateful for having a roof over our heads and food.

We gotta get outta this place…

So leaving this foster home was all that we had in mind – we couldn’t wait to get out of there as living and hygiene standards were revolting. But without enough money for a deposit for a place of our own we had to make do with it.

This is when we all were working our hardest, I had a job at a Volkswagen/Audi franchise that I saw a career in and gave it 200%. My sisters were doing something else but they were working and we were looking for career prospects so that we could enjoy our lives out of this horrible foster home. But the problem was that the foster parents were so greedy that I was only on 12k a year (I was 17/18 at the time) and they took about 65-70% of my monthly wage for rent – so I had little to save. The same was true of my sisters.

We had to find another way of funding our deposit.

We made contact with our biological family in the hope they would help us in anyway, as we felt they would sympathise with us given how ‘tragic’ our stories were.

Let’s just say we didn’t progress any further. I wouldn’t want to offend any of them should they come to read this (which I very much doubt). There was one person in the ‘family’ that actually did care. I will mention her because I have a genuine love for her. Her name is Kelly, my mother’s sister. Thank you for all that you did Aunt Kelly I’m eternally grateful.

Although Aunt Kelly did all she could for us we hadn’t moved forward. By contacting our biological family we had actually taken on a huge emotional weight that set us back. But you learn right?

We were back to square one really and just continued to struggle on with saving very little working very hard. After a couple of years and then venturing out to banks to see if we could get a loan, we eventually moved out of the foster home.

Anyway that being done us three had it quite tough growing up but now we had the opportunity to start enjoying our lives! So we moved into our new 3-bedroom house in a place called Oldbrook in Milton Keynes free of any de-motivational comments from the landlady (she used to constantly call me stupid which is why I had zero self-confidence).

We are FREE! Or are we?

We are now into an era of our lives that we had hoped for in such a long time! We found that, away from the negativity of what we were under, our lives were moving into the direction we wanted it to.

I got a promotion and pay raise in my job at the VW/Audi franchise and my sisters progressed too. Things were okay but we didn’t have much money to enjoy ourselves as we had a loan, rent and the bills to pay. Even the three incomes from us all weren’t covering it.

But to live in a property with better standards than that we were living before costs money! We understood this and just got on with working long hard hours with still very little to show on payday.

Made to feel different…

Socially it was always difficult because I was unfortunately subjected to racial abuse regularly in school and growing up in the locality I was in.

And because I have such an English accent compared to the British Asians, the British Asians would call me a ‘Coconut’ or ‘Bounty Bar’ which meant brown on the outside – white on the inside.

Quite funny really. Because being made to feel different made me so.

I am different and I’m glad that I’m different because I am not like most. Most individuals are like a sheep in a heard. Following trends and keeping up-to-date with the latest ‘celebrity gossip’ and the media had consumed them into a mind-set that materialistic things is what we should all strive to obtain.

To a degree, it’s nice to have nice things and enjoy the finer things in life, but how is it that some can do it with ease and some struggle massively to even pay the rent let alone spend £35’000 on a new BMW.

Progression would take ages in my job…

Working for a living is a must but who to work for will define whether your find success or not. I found that out by realising, in order to progress in my chosen field of occupation – which I was massively passionate about, after-sales in the luxury automotive sector, I wouldn’t get to the position of earning the salary that I wanted for at least 35-40 years. That position would be either Dealer Principal or Franchise Director.

All those I saw and looked up to had spent their entire working careers getting to the position they were in.

I couldn’t wait that long.

I wanted to be in that position in the next couple of years. There was only one-way I could achieve this and that was to start my own business.

But where does one start their own business?

In one’s head.

That is where it all starts. That is where all the great companies of the world started at some point, in someone’s head.

Apple started in Steve Job’s, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak’s head.

Microsoft started in Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s head.

Google started in Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s head.

clickstartyourbusiness.com started in Bobby De La Vega’s head!

The idea is the first step and if you have at least one, you can click start it into a business thanks to the Internet.

I had always wanted to be my own boss but was always under the impression that you need a product or service of which I had neither. I thought that you need an idea for a product that is going to sell millions in order to be successful.

I always fell at this ‘first hurdle’ because I tried so hard to think about an item that would be used by everybody and would also be affordable by the public whereby design and production of the product would allow for the price of the product to be affordable.

Scratching my head for years on thinking about how I could do this. Only until recently did I think this. I learnt that all my ideas for a business was completely wrong! I didn’t need a product or service of my own AT ALL to start with!

New mentor added to the list!

I found my mentor, remember from earlier,  Stuart Ross,  he introduced me to the digital business model he (and his business partner Jay Kubassek) set up. He explained that there was a way to run a business, and your own product or service isn’t needed to get started.

This all sounded weird for me as this was going against all my previous knowledge of business. But a digital business is completely revolutionary to an old conventional ‘brick and mortar’ business. And better still, the skills you learn in digital entrepreneurship you can implement in your ‘offline’ business!

This business is an ‘affiliate marketing’ business.

A business whereby the products you sell aren’t yours but you make commission when you make sales of them. (Which we will train you to do).

This is quickest way to explain it.

There’s not much more really to tell, this is what this business is in a sentence.

Stuart and Jay developed the Six Figure Mentors.

A network of digital entrepreneurs  each making $1000’s in commissions each month.

It’s a big ask, I know – but we want to change the world.

My favourite quote from another mentor on my list –

“Great companies start because the founders want to change the world… not make a fast buck” – Guy Kawasaki


I cannot begin to explain the feeling of knowing all my hard work, passion and time is being spent on my business. I love to help people, my digital business is based on helping people, and not making a fast buck!

clickstartyourbusiness.com is here to guide people can they can ‘click start’ their business.

With more people being helped to create a digital business for themselves and ultimately live the life they want – with time free from themselves, with more money earned for themselves, this digital revolution as allowing people like you and me to live the life that was once reserved for the extremely wealthy.

Because the education system is fundamentally flawed

We had all been lead to believe that getting a degree is the way to success so you can earn a good basic salary. This isn’t true.

And when graduates actually graduate, they’re literally fighting for jobs.

And even when they land a job 50% of their salary is TAXED! Straight away without any say whatsoever. Tax is the first thing paid when receiving your pay cheque as an employee but tax is the last thing you pay when you’re a business!! YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT!

After learning what I had from the Six Figure Mentors, no-one needs a degree to get a job that pays well.  Anyone with the determination and with an open mind to learning will realise a six, seven or even eight-figure income is achievable for them.

You see it’s all about the mind-set.

We control our lives – many will disagree but when we look at the result of any action, we are always in control by the decisions we make.

Finding my purpose and adjusting my mind-set took its time I must admit. And it will take anybody time to adjust because we’ve been ‘conditioned’ from as soon as we are born. (Again – I’ll spare you the conspiracy theory).

I’m not talking about hocus pocus stuff (some may seem that it is that kind of stuff) but I’m talking about taking control of your thoughts because this ultimately will result in the action you take.

Being my own boss is perfect – not having to answer to anyone is so so cool which means the only goals set, are those I have I set for myself! That, I can tell you, is so refreshing. Yet this comes with self-discipline of course. You need to be disciplined and stick to what you set out for yourself. Quitting isn’t an option because quitting is FAILURE remember?!

Bobby’s Vision

My vision is to continue finding the action takers and help them live the life they want to live – free of the constraints that the old ‘system’ has over them.

clickstartyourbusiness.com is testament to the Six Figure Mentor’s training. Not only has the digital expertise been gained but the mind setting has allowed for me to ‘put aside’ the limiting beliefs I had about myself and what was possible for me. This can absolutely be achieved for you too.

For me to find the information needed to get as far as I am in my digital business – it would have taken years. Thanks to the Six Figure Mentors, I was able to smash the learning time into pieces.

‘Plug in’ to this system, learn it and earn yourself big commissions. Then you can live your life on YOUR TERMS.

Go ahead, click here and meet Stuart “The Freedom Entrepreneur” Ross. He’s helped me and thousands of others create lives and businesses they love!

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