In this article I’ll name 10 job positions that are or nearly are obsolete due to technological advancement in the world we live in today, some positions are long gone, some recent and some due.

1. Computer –

actual job title by humans making calculations, predominantly women making insane calculations using their heads, abacus, pencils and paper!

2. Shop assistants –

are required much less because of Vending Machines, I’ve to meet anybody who doesn’t know how to operate one – even the super modern touchscreen ones!

3. Telephone switchboard operators –

now VOIP or ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. Allowing people to call over vast distances at a fraction of the usual copper line connected call cost!

4. Ticket issuers & Conductors –

Ticket Machines & Apps now have made this so much easier for travellers to tap the screen a few times and they’re set to go where ever their desires take them!

5. Customer Service Reps –

Bots, autoresponders and apps are programmed to read inquiries and respond with pre-empted responses relevant to the inquiry by prompted keywords. Customer service is critical for ALL businesses to communicate with their customers – we’re finding it more and more difficult to find a human to speak to about our after purchase problems. Customer service advisors were in huge numbers all over the world, we are seeing these numbers drop significantly as the requirement for them is less important for business owners these days.

6. Postal Services –

albeit products still need physically shipping but personal letters are becoming a thing of the past and somewhat of a novelty these days.

7. Automotive Production –

This has been known for many years but other areas of automotive production, sales and aftersales have rendered some positions within the industry surplus to requirements. Myself included having come from the automotive industry, tech has enabled vehicles to be built so much quicker and safer, you can now buy your brand new vehicle on a website and have it delivered, and book your servicing and order parts using apps and websites.

8. Food Take Away Services –

Nobody needed to take orders anymore, all come up on the screen for them to then prepare and deliver.

Basic Takeaway App.

9. Dating Agencies –

were all the rage before www days. What was a thriving industry is now completely online.

10. Taxi Cab –

One word. Uber. Although the cab isn’t completely off our roads (yet), the humble cab driver is finding it increasingly difficult to compete with the likes of Uber – Sat Nav and the likes of Google Maps have rendered those with the ‘Knowledge’ as it’s known in London, of the streets and quickest routes have been made available to anybody with a smartphone or tablet.

So there we have it! This list is obviously just a few to mention but long story short – tech will not stop there! Technology has always been on the rise.

If I’ve missed any – and I know I have, please mention them in the comments!

Whether we’re talking about combine harvesters or even steam engines, tech takes over and skills become obsolete.

On the upside tech also creates a huge opportunity for those willing to delve into a course of education that’ll allow for them to effectively ‘Keep up’ or ‘Get Involved’ or even thought lead a development!

Granted it can take a massive push for somebody to self motivate themselves to that point to enrol in education but for the personal developers like us out there it’s part and parcel of life.

The delivery of information today is soooooo easy. A structured course of web development, computer science or anything required learning can be done in the comfort of whatever room in our houses, coffee shops or airports or basically anywhere with an internet connection (which is most places).

The great thing is – IOT or ‘Internet of Things’ has created as much opportunity to compensate for the rendering of outdated practices obsolete.

You see it’s not us that’s obsolete – it’s the skills we possess.

The skill is no longer required and slowly but surely what we thought was safe from technological takeover actually isn’t! From personal experience, I thought I was safe in my job in automotive until I realised an app is going to put me in a position where finding a new job would be difficult – nigh on impossible!

Even web-developers are being rendered surplus because technology has advanced so far it’s allowed ordinary people to create websites without needing to know a single line of programming code! Just click, drag and drop systems because – that’s all non-coding folks need!

So finding what skill to uptake for future income security needs care and attention because what seemed like a good idea for people to study web development advanced so far – it made them useless! (not completely of course but you know what I mean).

If there is one certainty out of all this – it’s this.

Business is predominately executed online these days and going forward will be 99% done online.

People will be buying and selling online for the majority of their purchases and listing their products on an app and/or a webstore.

So what does this mean for those of us with zero digital work experience?

It means we can build that store or app WITHOUT NEEDING TO CODE. You don’t even need your own product which is a beautiful thing because folks like me – coming from an industry that is affected by the rise of the digital economy, can get started immediately with the right guidance.

I personally was worried about how I would be able to sustain an income and lead my family if I found myself as one of the company cutbacks or even replaced by some software! I went to work each day wondering when it was likely to be feeling that dreaded cutbacks memo was imminent. So I set to find out what options I had to at least soften the blow if and when it came.

Thankfully my digging around enabled me to come across some information presented to me by a guy called Stuart.

Stuart – Without his Mentoring, We were lost!

Now I’d like to introduce that same training for you to take a look at just to put your mind at rest just in case it wasn’t. After learning what was explained in these training videos, I can honestly say that I wasn’t worried at all.

In fact, my worry quickly turned into excitement for future possibilities. Actually, I even had to laugh at what I was previously worried about.

Check out this training by clicking the image below and you’ll see what I mean,

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Also if you found this information useful in any way please do consider sharing it – because there are millions (no exaggeration) of people who are putting themselves under pressure worrying about their futures and they shouldn’t. All they need is to see this training and their minds will be a rest and this article will have had done its job of releasing that built up stress.

Be sure to check out other articles and content I’ve shared to help as many people I can reach with this information.

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